Inns Mouth


Mobile game

Walk into the adventurers’ den with Inn’s Mouth, a humorous management game where you play the unscrupulous owner of a tavern in the world of Greenat, with a strong integration of Virtual Reality. Discover Inn’s Mouth’s universe, a legendary Celtic world filled with colourful characters. Learn more about them through their gossip and their personal stories and turn passing consumers into regular visitors. Send adventurers in search of fabulous treasures they will squander into your business. Remember to lay traps to make sure they come back in need of your potions. Order goods from traveling frogmen traders to fill your stock. Prepare the most incredible drinks thanks to many strange ingredients and with the magic of Alchemy! Change your inn’s furniture and accessories to attract new customers thanks to the Giant Delivery Service. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your clients and watch the troublemakers!


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